Meet the Podiatrist leading your Recovery

Dr. Ib Coban is the principle Podiatrist, owner and founder of Podiatry x Recovery. 

With recent involvement in lecturing nationally to all different allied health disciplines about lower limb biomechanics, assessments, conditions and how to rectify these dysfunctions/ imbalances in the body; he is dedicated to finding and treating the cause of the biomechanical problem and not the signs and symptoms that may be presented to us.

Meet the Chiropractor leading your Recovery

Dr Jon Gerakios is a Chiropractor focused on treating and restoring the neuro musculoskeletal system (NMSK) to optimum function. He combines structural/postural analysis with neural and functional assessment to identify and treat areas of dysfunction with hands on therapy. Common conditions treated include and are not limited to postural dysfunction/scoliosis, neck pain, headaches, low back pain/sciatica. 

Meet the Massage Therapist leading your Recovery

Zulmara Camargo is our massage therapist with a twist! Her experience as a Doctor in Brazil has given her knowledge to find physical and mental blockages through massage techniques.

Zu offers theraputic massage, lympthatic massage, pregnancy massage, accupunture whilst taking an intergrative holistic approach.

What We Offer at Podiatry x Recovery

Expert Biomechanical Advise and Solutions to your issues

Assessing, diagnosing and tailoring solutions to niggly lower limb issues is provided at the clinic. 

Up to date gait analysis technology

This helps us breakdown dysfunctional walking patterns accurately and efficiently in order to identify the cause of what’s really going on. 

Custom Orthotics and Casting techniques

Custom orthotics can help with a range of biomechanical issues from plantar fasciitis, bunions, knee issues, hip issues, lower back issues. 

Foot Mobilisations and soft tissue trigger point release

Whether it is stiff feet, tight calves or sore feet when walking. Foot mobilisation and soft tissue trigger point release can help reduce the tension at the feet. 

Biomechanical/Gait Assessment

A thorough biomechanical assessment is paramount when experiencing lower limb pain. 

Lifestyle Advise

We believe that a healthy lifestyle complements podiatric care. Our experts offer valuable advice on nutrition, ergonomics, and stress management to enhance your overall health.

Our Practice & Core Values

We make it our mission to investigate the root cause of your problems and develop sustainable treatment options through our unique biomechanical system to help achieve a long term reduction in pain.


Our assessment process is more than just a ‘check-up’ – we use superior biomechanical techniques to investigate the root cause for injuries, developmental and aging problems. We can also help diagnose issues with your sports performance and help you to achieve your best results.

Podiatry Care for The Whole Family

If you want to find long term solutions to your foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and lower back pain; we use specialised biomechanics techniques to find the right treatment for you.


Biomechanical Assessments


Musculoskeletal Treatments


Nail and Foot Care

We are A Full Service Podiatry Practice

Our treatments include:

Injection modalities (Prolotherapy, Neural therapy, Fluid extraction) to treat the lower limb specifically the knees, hips, pelvis and ankles (graded tears of muscles, ligaments and cartilage)

Postural and Walking/Running Gait Analysis

Functional strapping, stretching and strengthening (for improving biomechanical imbalances)

Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy and Therapeutic Massage

Lower Limb Mobilisations and Adjustments

General Treatments – Toe Nail maintenance, Corns and Callous removal


Biomechanical Podiatry

We use superior podiatric biomechanical assessments to diagnose and investigate long solutions for problems with feet, ankles, knees and hips. These solutions are not just a ‘quick fix’, we design our treatment plan for the long term and seek to prevent issues from occurring.


Reduce Pain and Prevent Injury Risk

Typical podiatric problems  may be related to improper development, occupation, sport and recreation. They can also come about due to underlying mechanical fault of that person’s leg or foot. Most often, a combination of all these factors results in podiatric injuries

Nail and Skin Care

A general treatment will take care of any area of concerns such as corns, callus, thickened nails, cracked or splitting skin. With modern equipment and professionally sterilised instruments, your safety and effective treatment is our primary concern

Were not your average Podiatrist

We Practice Advanced Biomechnaics

Advanced Podiatric biomechanics is the study of the human engineering and how everyday external and internal forces can change the function of our bodies genetic architecture. Instead of simply looking solely at the signs and symptoms, we look at treating the root cause of pain which improves alignment, balance and control in the process.

How we can help

Once the expert team has determined the root cause of your problems or your desired health outcomes, we will then recommend your specific treatment plan which may include a range of treatments such as mobilisation, dry needling, wet needling, gait retraining, shockwave, orthotic therapy and more. Our understanding and implementation of biomechanics within our practice means we will work to resolve your presenting complaint and achieve your specific health outcomes.

What we treat

Foot and heel pain

 Sporting injuries

Knee, hip and lower back pain

Growing pains

Walking or Running abnormally

Biomechanical and Postual issues

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